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I've caught LORE yeahhhh

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Recently I have forgotten what CSGO is because I don't have enough time) I'll tell U I see a real rush for skins has began last months... The thing I was really interesting last time were skins... Now I sold my skins and put up money on different sites with CS GO cases:) The service that gave me the biggest earning is
I was buying cases on earlier and got nice earning there few times:) I win to know that there are one additional Lore was added to each box on service and the box with many Lores skins was made either!.. A couple of days ago I decided to spin there and I got two Lores:) Thus, I deposit my own account with 100 $. After that I began to look for box I wanna to try. I was opening varios boxes for about 20 times and there was shit only.
I begun to be nervous! Thus I decided to opening one and the same case only) After few spins I earn Flip knife Lore from Ultraviolet offer... Thereafter I began to spin Catch Lore offer! It was my first real big win!.. Thus, I had the needle realy again:) First ten spining were either bad with cheap yellow models) After that I was blessed and made one more opening and caught my own Lore StatTrak™ M9 Bayonet:) This opening wisit gave me 2 great Lores! Now I can sell them or change them. 

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