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Greate! Major gave me top models

cs go. skin. skins.

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This Major in Krakow is keenly contested I think!.. I gonna watch each game of that champ... Yet recently the championship I think the box named PGL Krakow on Open CS:GO! I wrote already about high success of opening of dream hack and ESL boxes on Open csgo either. Only take a look there and these nice models!.. That champ is more top so may be the case has some more nice items... After next qualifier I planned to get one of the top models from that box! Finally I opened the web-store:)


I realy wrote near by such pay systems: than oftener you fill than oftener it gives paybacks! I deposit my balance for 45$!.. I had on account an amount for near by 40$ but I provided to add some... After that I began!.. M4A1-S Cyrex win me after 1st spin! After that I have spinned AK Emerald Pinstripe and some more not so good spinings!.. Thus I was not upset and continued to make dropps!.. And I was right!.. Fade glock. This was one of my best drops... May be I'll spin that box more in some days|I'll try to buy the offer when the main part of Major will go on|During the main part of Major I will try more}!.. I hope to spining Medusa or even Dragon lore!


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